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  • Aired Annual Bible Reading Project <Reading the Bible Together>
  • Special Fundraising 'Love Together' during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Aired 15th Anniversary Special Documentary <Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth>
  • Signed an MOU with kth for the Christian OTT service
  • Launched CGNTV Set-top box 'Dream On Plus'
  • Project Supporting Small Churches for their online service
  • Signed an MOU with WEC International Korea
  • Staff Outreach for vulnerable people due to COVID-19
  • Media Academy for military churches virtual ministry specialists
  • Silver button (100,000 subscribers) on YouTube 'KNOCK' channel
  • Exceeding 37,000 CGNTV regular sponsors
  • Signed an MOU with Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • The Special Documentary for the First memorial of Elder Kim Young-Gil <His Disciple Kim Young-Gil> won a special award for the Christian Press Awards
  • KNOCK <The King of Enlightenment> Wins 2020 Asia Web Awards Best Web Series
  • Signed an MOU with CH114 for the church database
  • Launched Christian OTT Service <fondant> Open Beta Service


  • Aired K-drama <GoGoSong>
  • Opened CGNTV Japan’s media studio
  • Launched YouTube channel <SOON>
  • Aired special documentary <The Spring Bloomed in Shade>
    in celebration of 100th 3.1 Independence Movement Day
  • Launched YouTube customized content <Butso Hands Up>
  • Held the 1st CGNTV’s Mini Concert
  • CGNTV Indonesia celebrated the 5th anniversary
  • K-Drama <GoGoSong> was invited to the 15th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival
  • KNOCK <Minicom Series> won the 'Best Branded Series' Award from Seoul Webfest
  • Launched monthly donation program ‘Together! Media Mission’
  • CGNTV signed MOU with TGC Korea
  • K-Drama <GoGoSong> was awarded the Gold Crown Winner in the Best International Film category and the Silver Crown Winner in the Best Supporting Actress (Yoon Yoosun) category at ICVM (International Christian Visual Media Association)
  • Documentary <Influence> was awarded the Bronze Crown Winner in the Best Documentary over $50,000 category and the Bronze Crown Winner in the Best Series category at ICVM (International Christian Visual Media Association)
  • Documentary <Influence> won the Grand Prize in the Overseas Missions category Special Documentary for the centennial anniversary of the March 1st Movement <The Spring Bloomed in Shade> won the Runner-Up Prize in the Christian Culture category at the Korean Christian Media Awards


  • Signed MOU between CGNTV Thailand and Thai CCT
  • Won Best Award for a documentary film <Seo Seo-Pyeong, Slowly and Peacefully> at International Christian Film Festival (ICFF)
  • Celebrated the 10th anniversary of CGNTV Chinese
  • Received Silver Award in International Films for a documentary film <Seo Seo-Pyeong, Slowly and Peacefully> at ICVM Crown Awards
  • Hosted the 1st CGNTV Media Academy in Thailand
  • Received the 1st Award in Big Budget Docu/Drama category from Christian European Visual Media Association (CEVMA) with documentary film <Seo Seo-Pyeong, Slowly and Peacefully>
  • Received the 2nd Award in Bid Budget Drama category from Christian European Visual Media Association (CEVMA) with special short drama <Spring Again>
  • Signed MOU with Indonesia-Papua Channel
  • Held photo exhibition <The moment of Seobinggo 2018> as CGNTV’s Neighborhood Service Project
  • Received Excellent Award in Donation Film category from Korea Christian Media Awarding Committee with KNOCK’s mini human documentary <Vlog in Suwon Station>
  • Received Excellent Award in Christian Culture category from Korea Christian Media Awarding Committee with special documentary <Reunion of Germany, from prayers to miracles>


  • Created CGNTV Operation Committee for Middle East, Europe and African Regions
  • Released Documentary Film <Seo Seo-pyeong, Slowly and Peacefully>
  • Named as ICVM Best International Film for a documentary <Black Mountain>
  • Won Best Sketch Comedy Award in Seoul Webfest for <Sweet Bitter Macaron>
  • Opened Thai CGNTV IPTV Christianity TV Network
  • Founded CGNTV local corporation in Taiwan
  • Received Best Report Award from Korea Christian Reporter Association for CGN Today’s <Numbers on Mission Series>
  • Named as Best Missionary Film by Korea Christian Media Awarding Committee for <Because I Love>
  • Received Excellent Donation Film Award from Korea Christian Media Awarding Committee for <Hyeonmuk’s Minimal Life>
  • Aired <Spring Again>, the first special TV drama


  • CGNTV 11th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service
  • Installed 10,000th satellite antenna for DREAM ON campaign
  • Won Best Brand Series Award from Kweb Fest for Oh my John!, the 1st web drama produced by a Korean Christian broadcaster
  • Inauguration of 4th CGNTV CEO Yong-Kyung Lee
  • Received Korea Christian Media Award for KNOCK Mini Human Documentary Series in Christian Culture category
  • Preview of documentary film Seo Seo-Pyeong: Slowly and Peacefully (tentative title)


  • CGNTV 10th Anniversary Celebration Service for reaffirmation of its missionary devotion
  • Broadcast of special documentary Black Mountain: In Search of the Lost Times in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of missions in Korea
  • Thanksgiving service for the foundation of HONG KONG CGN World
  • Partnership MOU with Creation TV in Hong Kong
  • Partnership MOU with Church of Christ in Thailand
  • Partnership MOU with ROCK Media Ministry in Egypt
  • Received Korea Christian Media Award for documentary MK’s Confession and Korea Christian Journalist Association Grand Prize for news report Refugee Exodus, Finding Hope


  • CGNTV UAE co-hosted Media Missions Conference
  • Overseas assignment of 1st media missionaries
  • Establishment of CGNTV INDONESIA in Jakarta


  • CGNTV 8th Anniversary Celebration Service for reaffirmation of its missionary devotion
  • Coordinated Press conference in October for pastors Francis Chan and David Platt visiting Korea


  • Establishment of CGNTV UAE Abu Dhabi Production Center
  • Launched a cable channel on CJ Hello Vision Cable TV
  • Won Best Missions Film Award for documentary Smile Lac Rose at Pan Pacific Film Festiva
  • Inauguration of 3rd CGNTV CEO Jay Kun Yoo


  • CGNTV JAPAN began Agape CGN ministry in Japan
  • Launched a live streaming IPTV channel on KT and LG (telcos)
  • Kicked off UHD Internet broadcasting
  • CGNTV 6th Anniversary Celebration Concert
  • CGNTV JAPAN established a local church network throughout 47 prefectures in Japan


  • HD conversion of production studio systems
  • Launched smart phone application service
  • Establishment of CGNTV THAILAND Bangkok Production Center


  • Live broadcast of Commemorative Ceremony of 150 Years of Christian Missions in Japan
  • Launched a digital terrestrial TV channel in US
  • Started cable broadcasting in Thailand via HTV
  • Completion of missions training by all employees


  • Launched CGN mobile services
  • Established CGNTV TAIWAN Taipei Production Center
  • Started satellite broadcasting of seminary courses in Latin America
  • Launched a channel on C&M Cable TV


  • Established Osaka branch for CGNTV JAPAN
  • Live broadcast of Tokyo Love Sonata
  • Launched a regular donation program
  • Began to broadcast over IS-10 satellite beam (Expanded coverage to Africa, Mongolia and Guan area)


  • Signed strategic partnership agreement with Arabic Christian broadcasters SAT-7 and TURK-7
  • CGNTV USA began broadcasting in Spanish
  • Established CGNTV JAPAN


  • Foundation of CGNTV
  • Launched Project Dream On to install satellite antennas in mission fields
  • Established CGNTV USA