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Jun Jin-Kuk, CEO of CGN

CGN is committed to spreading the Gospel through various effective means, including satellite TV, internet, IPTV, YouTube, and the pioneering AI-based OTT platform in Korea known as 'Fondant.' We refrain from advertising as a broadcasting station and do not charge fees as a platform, with the hope that the pure Gospel of Christ reaches everyone.

Our endeavors have borne fruit as a platform disseminating the gospel worldwide. Through our branches in six countries (USA, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, France), we have provided localized spiritual content in seven languages. Additionally, we support the next generation of churches in Korea through the 'Fondant Church School' content and assist churches in effective media ministry through the 'Fondant Media Academy.'

Moving forward as a 'Missionary Media,' CGN aims to actively develop content for viewers with diverse cultural backgrounds. We will also harness advancing AI technology to evolve into a more versatile multi-Christian platform. Your prayers and support are crucial for this journey. We kindly ask for your prayers and sponsorship so that CGN can continue delivering pure Gospel content to Korean churches, the next generation, missionaries, and souls at the ends of the earth.

Jun Jin-Kuk