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Yong-Kyung Lee, CEO of CGNTV

CGNTV has recently embarked on a new journey for "Glocal" Missions & Education Broadcasting with the new slogan of “For a Single Soul, Reaching out Further and Stepping in Closer.” Glocal is a word which embraces both "globalization" and "localization." It is an expression of our resolution to provide customized content to our viewers of different cultures and generations.

Available in over 170 countries, CGNTV is currently watched by more than 10,000 Korean missionary families of different denominations. Our viewers including overseas missionaries experience God’s grace with CGNTV not only on satellite TV but also via cable TV, IPTV, Internet Website and mobile devices. Moreover, it is now possible to watch CGNTV on local terrestrial channels in some states of the US, opening a door of "everyday spirituality" to the unspecified number of local people. To better serve viewers from different cultures, the seven overseas branches and production centers of CGNTV produce locally-needed content and broadcast in local languages.

We, however, are not interested in expanding our influence as a broadcasting station. Our only concern has been how we can deliver God’s heart to more peoples and nations. And we came to realize that we are also called to deliver the Gospel across all classes and generations in this modern times. This was possible because we have spared no energies in seeking His guidance and taking on new ministries throughout the last 13 years. To serve in wherever God’s Word is needed, all members of CGNTV will continue to start the day with worship, seek the Lord’s wisdom through prayer and work hard with a humble spirit. We will always remember the passion and dedication of members of CGNTV Executive and Management Committees and Intercessory Prayer Team as well as the supporters who are empowering us to serve God’s mission by sharing what they have in the midst of financial difficulties.

CGNTV will remain as a community that loves God more today than yesterday. We will continue to humble ourselves to "reach out further and step in closer" until the last lost sheep is found.

Yong-Kyung Lee