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Pastor Jae-hoon Lee, Chief director of Onnuri Mission Foundation

The journey of CGNTV has been the "Faith Mission" since its foundation. We have kept the late Pastor Ha Yong-jo’s will to deliver the Good News under the principle of God's provision without commercializing it, and have been devoted to becoming a nonprofit Glocal Missions & Education Broadcast Network. We, therefore, could become a source of comfort and strength to those somewhere in the world who need God, and saw flowers of hope blooming in lands where God’s Word was desperately needed.

On top of the existing traditional broadcast channels, we established a diversified channel strategy through YouTube, Facebook and Podcast, and contributed to creating a more advanced viewing pattern. CGNTV also creates the content for young people and shares it with all generations on our new platform KNOCK.

As the Gospel Channel for All Nations, CGNTV is indeed a masterpiece of God. Thanks to the contributions of numerous supporters, CGNTV was able to turn large mountains into plains and go beyond the boundaries of languages and cultures to become a broadcast network for all peoples and nations. Based on our history of "Faith Mission," CGNTV will continue to strive to find another missing soul by "reaching out further and stepping in closer." We will be joyful with those who are joyful and sad with those who are sad, and sing to them the song of the Lord’s love. We will keep sowing the seeds of unity among churches around the world, and bearing fruits of national evangelization and world missions.

All Christians shall live by the five spirits of the Reformation: by Scripture alone (Sola Scriptura), by Christ alone (Solus Christus), by Grace alone (Sola Gratia), by Faith alone (Sola Fide), and for Glory to God alone (Soli Deo Gloria). Last year, CGNTV showed our documentary film Seo Seo-pyeong: Slowly and Peacefully in movie theaters and churches across the nation to share the true meaning of life obeying God's Word and "the life of service, not success." We will draw closer to the Lord through prayer and meditation on His Words, and to our viewers and supporters with a humble heart. Above all, we will remain as the lamp of God which is not to be extinguished with the spirit of "Coram Deo."

Chief director of Onnuri Mission Foundation,
Pastor Jae-hoon Lee