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Pastor Jae-hoon Lee, Chief director of Onnuri Mission Foundation
Pathway for Gospel, CGNTV

The media has always been an important meaning to share God's love with our neighbors. The spirit of the Reformation could fast reach out to every corner of the world, mainly thanks to the advancement of media. It is truly an indispensible tool from a spiritual standpoint that can unite the entire world and pave the way for His Second Coming.

We are living in a world of diversified media platforms. The Internet and satellite connect the world, and mobile platforms create a culture that everyone can enjoy regardless of language and ethnicity. Even developing countries lacking access to technologies and infrastructure are also under the influence of advanced media nowdays. The problem is that there's an intense spiritual battle going on in the field of media.

We believe CGNTV is what God has prepared for us in this era of battle for the truth. It was started with an aim to deliver the Gospel only, against commercial broadcasting networks seeking worldly values. By the last Pastor Yong-Jo Ha's will, we have strived to serve as "Glocal Mission Broadcasting Network" based on unwavering belief in God's provision, never trying to turn the message of Good News into any type of profit-seeking business. With differentiated channel strategies and diversified contents production of documentary, sitcom, drama and film, we have sown the seeds of the Gospel and shared the love of God with each and every lost soul out there. By doing so, we could become who we are today, loved by many peoples around the world transcending language and cultural barriers.

I want you to join the journey of spreading the Good News together with CGNTV. Numerous supporters and helpers are gladly here with us to make new history. CGNTV will continue to "reach out further and step in closer" as a beacon of God's love to lighten all the nations as well as Korea. We will rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. I wish God's work and mightiness will be fulfilled through CGNTV which dwells in Christ.

Chief director of Onnuri Mission Foundation,
Pastor Jae-hoon Lee